Moville United Methodist Church News
7/26/2020 Safety Requirements for In-Person Worship at MUMC

On Tuesday, June 23, 2020 the Moville United Methodist Re-Entry Team met to discuss the possibility of in-person worship and the guidelines needed for the safety of those participating in the service of worship at Moville United Methodist Church. The members of the re-entry team, put together a proposal of safety requirements and a proposed date for our first in-person worship service. This proposal was presented to the Ad-Council during their meeting on Thursday, July 16th and was unanimously approved. We will return to in-person worship in our Sanctuary on Sunday, August 9, 2020 at 9:30am. Please note that this date and dates of future worship services are subject to change if it becomes unsafe to gather for worship in our sanctuary.
The following are the safety requirements that have been implemented for in-person worship at Moville United Methodist Church:
• People will enter in and leave through the main front door with the exception of those who park in the handicap parking spaces on the northwest side of the church, who will be allowed to use the fellowship hall door.
• Masks will be mandatory for those 2 yrs. of age and older.
• Volunteers who assist people before, during and after worship will wear masks and disposable gloves.
• A volunteer will take down everyone’s name as they enter the building.
• A volunteer will be located at both entrances to open the doors and to assure that everyone is wearing a mask.
• Disposable masks will be available at each door to be given to those who do not have their own mask.
• As each person enters the facility a volunteer will place a squirt of hand sanitizer into the palm of the persons hand.
• The second set of doors at the main entry way, the glass doors leading into the sanctuary and the fellowship hall bi-fold doors will remain open while there are people in the building. This will cut down on the number of people touching the door handles.
• The pews of the church will be divided and marked off so that social distancing will be in place.
• Ushers will seat people of the same household together in a pew that is marked by social distancing.
• Ushers will seat people from the front of the sanctuary to the back.
• Ushers will dismiss pews at the end of the service from back to front so that social distancing can remain in place until people leave the building.
• Containers will be available at the back of the sanctuary for people to place their weekly offering and/or mission offering in before or after the worship service.
• Individual disposable communion cups w/wafer will be handed to each person as they leave the sanctuary on the first Sunday of each month when Holy Communion is observed.
• No communal singing, responsive readings or prayers will be done during worship.
• Bulletins will be placed in the available pews before people arrive.
• There will be no passing of the peace or shaking of hands.
• Children will remain in the pews for the children’s message.
• All hymnals, Bibles, papers and pencils will be removed from the pews.
• Bathrooms will be open, and the main doors going into the bathrooms will remain open.
• The education hallway and outside door leading into the education hallway will be closed off.
• No fellowship time before or after the worship service. People who want to visit may do so outside of the building.
• The sanctuary will be closed after worship until it has been cleaned.
• A cleaning team of volunteers will come in each week to clean the church.
We understand that not everyone will agree with the safety requirements that have been implemented. We hope that you will understand that our first priority is keeping those who worship in our sanctuary safe and well. We pray that respect and grace will be given and received during this time.
Moville UMC Re-Entry Team: Becky Dahna, Kevin Fouts, Danielle Jensen, John Neely, Deb Sitzman, Harold Werley.
Ad-Council Members: Bev Arvin, Kevin Fouts, Susan Hunting, Jeff Krejci, Mary Krejci, Randy Peterson, Janice Schlotman,  Wes Smith, Diane Weaver, Jody Weaver