Sunday Service:             9:00 a.m.    
Sunday School:            10:00 a.m.  September - May
YOU ARE INVITED to take part in any or all activities! 

Worshippers are encouraged to greet one another and to introduce themselves to anyone they don’t know.  Here are a few ways you can get involved in our church:

Adults and youth will participate in leading the congregation reading scripture.


Third graders and older who have received training to light the altar candles at the beginning of worship and take the light of Christ out of the sanctuary at the end of worship. 

Have a very important function in our Sunday worship service and should plan to arrive a little before worship service is scheduled to begin.  Please stand inside the first set of glass doors and greet people as they arrive.  Please introduce yourself to anyone you don’t know and direct people, as needed, to the ushers for bulletins and seating.  If visiting, have them sign the guest book.  

Monthly chairperson should call team members before the first Sunday of the month to confirm the schedule. Ushers should arrive shortly before service begins, turn on lights, and get  bulletins from office. As people arrive have them sign the attendance book. After worship pick up any bulletins from each pew.